Thursday, May 27, 2010

Resouces for Trees and Climate change

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Trees and Climate Change- An Irish Perspective

Is this beautiful Irish landscape a thing of the past?

Here are some links to recent seminars, workshops and information on climate change. Some of them are taken from the Tree council Website, a reliable resource for information. I will update this post as I find more resources. Please add any you find by leaving comments below:

Climate change effects us all and we all have a responsibility to find a solution!
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Text of a talk delivered by Brendan McWilliams to the Climate Change Conference in the Botanic Gardens, Dublin, during Tree Week, 2005.

Notes for this talk can be downloaded here

Roy Anderson, Queen's University, Belfast.
Word document can be downloaded  here

This is the National strategy for Ireland (if that wasn't already apparent!)

An explanation

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  1. My experience is that many people think someone else will sort out our problems with Global Change, but it is up to everyone to make a difference.
    Richard Branson from Virgin has personally done a great deal of research regarding climate change. His findings are realistic and a wake up call for all.