Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Host a Free Workshop....... is it possible?

This blog post is for anyone interested in hosting a small, free chainsaw skills workshop. You will find out information on running a free workshop in your home/work area
Perhaps you represent:

wood working club members
Forestry groups
farming groups
rural clubs
charity groups......

We have been running free skills workshops for over a year now and have recently been given some sponsorship from Husqvarna Ireland in the form of equipment goodies and give aways. (Thank you Tony Brady)
for more info on Why we run these workshops click here

We would like to travel around Ireland and get right into local chainsaw groups, to spread some good honest tips and skills on things like chainsaw sharpening, tensioning and how to cut quicker.

All we ask for is the diesel to get there and a cup of warm tea on arrival. The rest, Treecareireland and Husqvarna look after.

for more technical info on chainsaws click here

Please contact treecareireland here to suggest a location or phone on 059914867

to keep up to date with forestry training, treecare and crazy pictures click here


These pictures both demonstrate 'catastrophic fibrous materials failure'

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  1. Hey, free chainsaw training sounds like an awesome way to reel people in to becoming arborists!! Hahaha. Seriously though, its a great way to get into tree caring. Keep in mind also how dangerous they can be, but it is unfortunately a necessary part of the life of a tree to eventually be cut down, if too diseased or decayed. Best of luck to all tree cutters out there!

    Charlotte Tree Removal

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