Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Introducing NEW LANTRA Mower Training Courses at TreeCareIreland

This blog post is for anyone interested in professional Ride on Mower training courses. Using machines and equipment at work must be accompanied by evidence of training in order to comply with Health and Safety Legislation. This post contains information about Groundcare qualifications and training courses that are available in Ireland. TreeCareIreland specialise in the delivery of Landbased qualifications and will be introducing a new suite of LANTRA awards training courses throughout 2014, beginning with:

Ride On Mower training

Below is a typical information sheet regarding the LANTRA  course for mower training.

For more information visit Tree Care Ireland

If you would like information about pedestrian Mowers click on Pedestrian Lawnmower training or visit the Mower training page at TreeCareIreland

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Pedestrian Lawnmower training courses in Ireland

This Blog post is for anyone interested in more information about Pedestrian Lawnmower training for people using these machines at work.

The following is the information sheet for LANTRA pedestrian mower training course. These courses are designed for industrial lawnmower users such as grounds maintenance operators, golf course managers, local authority staff and landscapers:

Pedestrian Mowers Rotary and Cylinder Training in Ireland

For more information about Ride on mower training click here or visit

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Techlite guide bars from Husqvarna

Techlite Guide Bars

The new lighter TechLite™ bar with superb rigidity is the first of its kind on the market. Compared to our regular solid bars, the TechLite™ bar is up to 25% lighter and has almost 25% better rigidity. The superior rigidity has been achieved by using bonding materials over the entire surface as opposed to previous techniques. The bar is also less susceptible to bending and returns to its original shape when subjected to high loads. Gives you less strain, increased efficiency and gain a higher productivity without compromising on the quality of the cutting equipment or user safety.

For more info on Techlite bars visit Husqvarna Ireland

more info on chainsaw training in Ireland

Not just for small battery powered chainsaws. Although we use them on our battery powered climbing saws during chainsaw training at Treecareireland.

The larger bars have replaceable sprocket noses

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Battery Powered Husqvarna Chainsaw arrives at TreeCareIreland

This is a blog post for anyone interested in chainsaws, tree care, forestry, chainsaw training in Ireland and Husqvarna saws. The training team at TreeCareIreland would like to thank Husqvarna Ireland and especially Tony Brady for putting up with us pestering them for the first Battery powered T536LiXP

The green lights are flashing on the battery charger signifying the new arrival and the beginning of a new era for chainsaw training at TreeCareIreland. I have to admit the strange feelings that were evoked whilst watching the neat little charger filled the battery with juice - some difference to smelly petrol. No more petrol fumes, no more fuel costs!! :)

  • no more smelly fuel
  • lower carbon footprint
  • greater safety
  • less moving parts to fail or replace
  • lighter


Below are a few photos of our new saw. We have opted for the lighter Techlite bar which is running a standard, low kickback, low profile 3/8chain. Many of the competitors run miniature chain which is not compatible with anything else! 

for more info click here

For more info about chainsaw training courses visit here

Techlite guide bar info

QC330 Battery charger and battery - takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery and it last for about the same time as a fill of petrol.

This saw was tested by the European Arboricultural Council EAC. I'm puzzled as to why they haven't pushed for this to be marketed as a saw for professional arborists only but I'm sure that is for every country to decide, based on legislation.

Techlite guide bar. if you haven't used one, I suggest buying one. They come in many sizes and are considerably lighter. unlike other light bars they don't have a plastic insert.

For more information about the battery range visit Husqvarna Ireland

The chainsaw training team at Treecareireland will be phasing in the use of battery powered saws over the next few months.  

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TreeCareIreland - New Training centre and Offices

Tree Care Ireland have recently moved into a new Training Centre at Coolmore House, Thomastown.

The 250 acres estate provides a wonderful opportunity to provide realistic tree care and grounds maintenance training scenarios and benefit the beauty of the estate on the bank of the River Nore.

For the next few months our offices will be managed from Marley, St.Mullins, Graigenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny.

We will be posting some photos of the on-going work being carried out on the gardens and Walled garden at Coolmore.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tree climbing competition at Bloom - videos

We decided to test out our new GoPro camera during the tree climbing competition at Bloom in Dublin's Pheonix Park.

The event was a great success. We will be posting photos and ore video over the next weeks.

Colm looks like an alien. hehe

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