Friday, November 27, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Professional Attributes

Do you call yourself a Professional Arborist?
Do you have the skills, experience and attitude?

YES, YES, YES! I like to think that I can call myself a professional.

But does it actually make any difference?

Most of the time my tree care customers wouldn't know the difference between a professional and a 'Cowboy' and along as the price is right they don't care!

This is a common belief, but I have recently done a little research and started to ask people what they really want from an Irish Tree Care professional. Read: The 5 star qualities here and tell me what you think.

Another important thing I learnt was that my customers crave knowledge and that as professionals the MOST powerful tool we have for raising the image of our Industry is EDUCATION.

We must educate our customers on what constitutes a professional tree care company and hopefully begin to seperate ourselves from the numerous rogue traders that devalue our industry. ...
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