Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Irish Pole Climbing Competition (construction)

The poles are in and the arena is being built. Now it's up to the climbers to take a deep breath and get their shit together.
We spent two days felling, transporting and getting these suckers in the ground. At 113feet long they were one of the longest loads transported in ireland.
They are also the longest wooden poles erected in Ireland!

The full photo album is available at Treecareireland pole climbing

Other photo albums are available at husqvarna pole climbing construction

Another photo album is available at Treecareireland training services - pole climbing competition

If you want to compete in the race. Their are two classes; professional and tree surgery Class. This event is Sponsored by Husqvarna, so prizes are good and trophies are up for grabs.

Register at Irish pole climbing for a chance to win and be an Irish Champion.

More information is also available from Treecareireland on Facebook

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