Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FREE Tree-climbing Worshops for Arborists

"Climb Safer, Higher, Faster"
August 29th 2009

Due to the success of our Chainsaw awareness workshop we have decided to launch another series of FREE WORSHOPS, this time aimed at Arborists and Tree-climbers.

These events will be hosted by Tree Care Ireland and in Carlow and will take place
on saturady mornings between 10am and 1pm, once per month.
Our vision is to get all of the professional tree-climbers in Ireland climbing safer and quicker. Techniques are progressing every day and it is important to keep your skills up to date in order to remain competitive and efficient.
We want to use these workshops as an open forum for discussion of techniques, equipment and technology. We also hope that it will also give climbers the opportunity to meet others in the industry and create some common ground between all of us.
There has been much talk of regulation in our industry and the best way to start is by promoting communication between everyone in the industry.


Just fill in the opt-in box below to register your interest and don't hesitate to contact Tree Care Ireland if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dartmouth Square, Dublin

Originally uploaded by The Tree Tribe
In the centre of Dartmouth Square, Dublin is a beautifully renovated Victorian Park. The trees in this park are highly significant as the only remaining Grade1 Tree Protection Order in Dublin.
Recent renovation by a team of dedicated residents has revealed a collection of healthy specimen trees such as Lime, Walnut and Oak. Spanning the centre of the park is this wonderful Pergola (pictured), embraced by Wisteria and other climbing plants.
Residents are hoping to raise the profile of this amazing suburban Jewel by running tree related events and concerts.
More photos are avilable by clicking on the main photo.

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The Arboricultural Association at the Kildare Grower's Show

Originally uploaded by The Tree Tribe
Joe McConville and Roy Goodwin were joined by Ian Hayes (centre) to represent the Arboricultural Association's Irish Branch at the KGS. There is a growing awareness of tree care and tree-related issues in Ireland and membership for the AA is at higher levels than ever before. Trade associations and professional memberships are an important part of interaction with your industry.

Contact for the Arboricultural Association:

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Next FREE Chainsaw Awareness Workshop

Beginning on the 1st August, Tree Care Ireland will be holding a monthly Chainsaw Awareness workshop. These instruction days are aimed at anyone who uses a chainsaw at work, on the farm or at home and would like to improve their awareness of basic chainsaw handling.

The workshop will be running from 11am to 2pm and is FREE OF CHARGE to all that contact Tree Care Ireland or register interest in the opt in box below. The three hour session will involve some demonstrations of chainsaw sharpening, protective clothing, safe cutting techniques and much more.


We would like to extend our welcome to anyone that is interested. If you connot attend then maybe you know someone who can. Please pass on this information.

Dates for each monthly Free Chainsaw Workshop will be posted on this blog and at the Tree Care Ireland Website

If we receive enough requests from particular regions we will happy to come to you.
Please put your location or city in the opt-in provided.

Tree Care Ireland are committed to improving chainsaw safety standards and reducing accidents involving chainsaws. We want to make a difference and we think that 3 hours per month will help us to do it!

What do you think?

Kind Regards

Kevin Birchall

Contact info:
Tree Care Ireland
05991 48678

An impressive demonstration of chainsaw protective Flip Flops!