Saturday, May 26, 2012

Info for Tree climbing competition.......................

This competition is being run under 3ATC rules which are available from the 3ATC facebook page.

A 37metre rope is the minimum required. No shorter please, unless you want to be disqualified!

There are 5 bells set up with an extra one for the more advanced climbers.

Registration to climb will be held throughout the Bloom event. As there will be 3 allotted climbing times each day, it is possible to just turn up, have your gear checked and climb in the next available group. Gear checks for the morning climb are starting at Bloom opening time. First climb is at 9.30 am

Entry into Bloom is free, if you have registered on the Treecareireland facebook page. If not, we have some tickets but you will need to arrange to pick a ticket up from one of the staff at the entrance.

This is a competition aimed at individuals that have never competed before. Your time starts when you ring the first bell and head down towards the others. There is very little climbing and access involved unless you are competing in the advanced section.

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