Monday, January 17, 2011

CS32 Tree Felling Assessments | Medium Tree felling | Large Tree Felling

Changes to NPTC Assessments for Medium and Large Trees have been in effect for the past number of months.
CS32 Medium Tree Felling and CS33 Large Tree Felling Awards have been combined to form a new CS32 Felling trees over 15" in diameter.
Despite this change, training courses have remained very similar to the requirements of both medium and large tree felling. Advanced felling techniques are still required to attain the new CS32 unit and would not be completely covered in medium tree felling training courses.

There is some resistance to the changes to the old units and still some talk of the old CS33 unit being re-instated. I was recently contacted by an instructor who is interested in bringing back the old unit. I would be tempted to agree as I think the new CS32 unit will be confused by employers for many years to come and operators will be happy to pretend they have the new unit rather than admit to only having medium tree felling awards.

Training dates at Treecareireland for medium and large tree felling are available from the website

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