Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Birth of an Irish Tree Care Network

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Visit The Irish Tree Care Network

This is my badge from a new network dedicated to qualified Arborists, treeclimbers and chainsaw operators in Ireland. You can get one too and more importantly, by joining this free (invitation only) network you can:

  1. Share knowledge and information through out the Irish Treecare Industry and beyond
  2. Watch and post videos about tree related matters
  3. share photos
  4. advertise your services
  5. find new jobs
  6. purchase equipment collectively and save money
  7. improve your industry by supporting only qualified operators
  8. lots more stuff
This is not a Facebook for Trees, it is designed as a professional place for professional people with one common goal:

"To strengthen the Treecare Industry in Ireland"

You may think, "not another network to waste my time on" but we have designed this network as a business tool not a place to gossip. Information will be regularly posted and available for all.

We aim for this network to be the birth place of the first organisiation in Ireland to truly cater for only qualified treeclimbers, groundsmen and arborists. We want to assist you in making the changes that are needed for Irish Tree Care
Apply for your invitation by filling in the box below:

If you need more info email kevin at
If you feel that you should be better respected as a professional arborist we want to know. If you need info about trees in an Irish context connect with this network. If you think we are crazy for starting a network we want to know why!

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